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The evaluaton is absolutely necessary to show dependability, and minimal skill level in problem solving. We can't work with people that only show up when they need money. It's not a part time job either, it's "Contract" work, so there's no hourly wage. The payment is for "Completed Projects" only. -

Do you also help people with their business, or do you only work for other business ? - The Platform is designed to help other small businesses, so by doing so, we also work with them, and for them, until they no longer need out services. We also train people to give support to these businesses, so they'll always have the help they need.

I'm curious about SAP Training. Do you provide training that is outside of Microsoft and Google ? - SAP Training is available after the initial evaluation is complete. It's really important that the evaluation be done before training, because of the discount in cost for those interested. If the basics are not there, then the advanced procedures are not possible.

Do people work in groups on one project, or are they working as individuals on different projects ? - You should only choose those projects that you can manage on your own. If you need help, then you can ask for it. There's no real guarantee that someone will be available to help you, which is why you have to choose carefully only those projects that you can reasonably handle on your own. If you need more training and skills, that's always available.

Which Cloud services do you support for mobile working ? - Microsoft (Azure), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Are there any incentives, or bonuses for additional work and skills that we can offer ? - Extra work brings extra pay. Addition skills and capabilities make the easy work simple, and the more difficult task managable. Every technical skill you have is to your advantage, so learning more is the key to making better use of your time. Training is available for the beginners and advanced training is there to make you more marketable. The more you know, the more you can do.

How is it possible, to have people that you can't see or manage, work for you using a mobile device ? - It's important to choose the right people for the right assignments. Because there are no Supervisors or Managers, you have to be able to work independently. The selection process in the beginning, is designed to find people that will do what they should, when there's no one there to tell them what to do. If a person needs to be watched while they're working, then they should be working in an "Office Environment". Remote Mobile work is designed for people that can work independent, and get their work done.

What kind of mobile device do these mobile workers use to get their work done ? - Laptops are the best tools of course... But some can actually use Tablets and Smartphones. It's not impossible to load a full document on a phone, but it's difficult to work with. With time and experience, there are ways to edit, upload, and create solutions using those tools that you know best. It's not for gamers... ... it's for business minded people.

What kind of applications can we use while working with a mobile device ? - We use the mobile versions of Microsoft, Google, Polaris, and several other types that most people have never heard of unless they've worked in an Office environment. The training introduces you to the tools you need to get work done using a mobile device.

What is the cost of Training for this kind of work ? - The cost is $10.00 a month as of November of 2015, but the price will increase soon. Technology in the workplace changes constantly, and we all need a way to keep up that is not so expensive. The skills you learn will come in handy with the work you do. -

What skill level is necessary to work this kind of mobile job ? - Anyone that's actually worked in an Office with a Computer can probably work mobile after some advanced training. So no, we can't just pick up a Smartphone and start working, unless you have experience and enough training to get the work done.

Can you support and help small business with mobile working ? - Small business can benefit from Mobile Workers, because there's a low cost of maintenance. They work when you need them, and when you don't need them for work the business saves money. People work for you under a temporary agreement to help you get your work done. Long term assignments are better than short term, so choose wisely when and what you need them to do, so that theres is no interruption in dependable service.

Why is there a 30 day evaluation, just to work with a mobile device, outside of the office ? - The 30 day Evaluation is designed to show dependability and consistancy. It makes no sense to work with people that are not available when you need them. The other test is "basic knowledge" of Mobile Devices and small computers. Simple problems have to be solved, or the complex ones will be more of a problem. All things considered, if a person is not able to sign in everyday, and answer a simple question, they should probably continue working in an "Office" environment, with a Supervisor or Manager to monitor their activities.

When you say "Mobile Work", what exactly do you mean by that ? - "Mobile Work" means that a peron is outside of an office environment, with a mobile device that isn't physically connected to a hard line, or desk in that office. The person is in a remote location, connected to WiFi, Satellite Uplink, or some other network connection that allows them to send and receive work and other instructions that enable them to perform a task.

Why would anyone want to work mobile, when Office Work is actually designed for the Office ? - It's not for everyone... Most people are content to drive to work, and sit in an office with other Contractors that perform the same task. Other people need flexibility... Families, and other responsibilities may require a person to leave the work environment and resolve issues, and personal matters while working at the same time. Its a personal choice, and an option for the ones that are capable, and willing to make the change.

Is this a full-time or a part-time position ? - The working hours are not set or consistant. The only obligation is to be available for work during a time period when they may or may not be needed. The assignments are short, and are never the same, so the level of skill necessary is a requirement to get things done independently. There's training available for anyone that needs to raise their skills to the levels necessary.

Do you have supervisor or management positions available ? - The objective of mobile work is to work independently, and without supervision. This is the reason for the 30 day evaluation to see who is capable of perfoming thise simple tasks on a regular basis. Management positions are not available, because the mobile worker is managing their own assignments. You really have to know what your doing and have the confidence to work and get the job done without someone looking over your shoulder.

Are the working hours standard, or do you have flexible time schedules ? - Yes... People work different hours, and live on different parts of the planet, so it's important to let the people you work for, know when your available, and to make sure the time is consistent, and doesn't change too often.

How many assignments come in during the course of the day ? - From one day to the next the assignments vary from 2 to 10 during a 24 hour period. The one thing about mobile working is that you need to be ready for what comes next. There's not much time to study, so you need to have a good idea of what the solution is beforehand. One problem solved, could make up for 3 that failed. You can make a days pay for giving a well educated answer to a question. If you don't have the answer, then you have to find it.

How much work can I expect during the course of a normal day ? - There's no predetermined level. The assignments are based on skill level. So then, if there are a lot of small problems happening, then there's a lot of work to do. If there are a few big problems, there's less work. It's interesting to know that when there are a few problems, they're usually more complex, more thinking is involved. A one hour solution for one person, takes 5 minutes for someone else. The more you know, the easier it gets.

I've been working with Corporations for 20 years, so is there any training you offer that I really need ? - Most Professionals require no training at all. Some people are very good at doing one thing. That's fine, but you'll only be able to perform one type of work. For the Professionals that specialize in one thing, you also know that technology advances at some point, and there will eventually be something that you don't know. You have to stay up to date with the new advances, or additional training will be necessary.